Dave's Blog
Dave's Blog

Here is me with my Christmas presents...casting gloves and work light.
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Here is a video of me pouring some metal!

Dave's Blog

What is it?

by David Drescher on 06/01/10

I have another blog where I have a guessing game.  I take pictures with my cell phone and let people guess what the picture is.  CLICK HERE to see that blog.
      Here is one of my favorite pictures from that blog:

It is picture number 1 if you want to look at it there!

My garden

by David Drescher on 06/01/10

Here is a picture of my garden 05-31-2010.

As you can see I try to pack a lot of things into a little space...Hopefully we will be able to move out of this little community soon and get a little land in a non-HOA area.  I want to get back to my hillbilly roots!

parking "ticket"

by David Drescher on 05/31/10

Hello all.  I had something interesting happen to me the other day.  I was shopping at BJ's and when I came out, there was this "parking ticket"  on my windshield.

     As you can see, it starts out sort of funny but ends up being very mean...not funny at all.  Look at this picture I took:

This proves that I was perfectly parked!  So, the question is, why the mean spirited note?  After I thought about it, I think I remember a minivan being in the space in front of me when I pulled in.  They were backed in... Could it be that they were mad at me because they couldn't open the lift up door on the back of their van?  So I ask you???  Who was being the selfish, thinking only of themselves, person here???
     To add insult to injury, when I did an internet search on the text of this "ticket", one of the links I clicked on resulted in a virus downloaded to my computer...It is the one that tells you your computer is at risk...pay to get it fixed right away.  So, I had to spend a lot of time in safe mode running my anti-virus programs to get rid of it.  What is the lesson learned?

     The lesson that I need to (re)learn from this is to not let other people's emotions and actions affect me.  I could easily have fumed about this for a long time...I need to let this roll off me like water off a ducks back...just like last week with another unhappy person. (my neighbor).

    There, I feel better now!
 May you be like the duck this week!

About Survivor

by David Drescher on 05/17/10

I have been thinking about Survivor.  We hadn't watched it for a few seasons, but then last year we got hooked again due in large part to Russell.  His style of play for those of you who don't watch, is to lie and decieve and basically do whatever it takes to get him to the next day.

    I can understand why it worked for him last season...but this season, with veteran players, it worked for him again!!!  What is up with that?  Couldn't the players see that he stabbed every single person in the back and voted them off as soon as he was done with them?

     I have come to the conclusion that we are all a lot like those survivors.  People in general hear what they want to hear and believe what they want to believe....regardless of the facts and warnings.  Case in point...political elections...  We hear the politicians talk and tell us lies...but it sure sounds good!  Then we vote them into office and are surprised and feel let down when their promises are forgotten. 

   So, Russell played the game hard and made it to the final three.  But he can never expect to win at survivor that way.  (Because those who are voted out choose the winner)  I think he should consider politics!  But seriously, I do hope that the American people will wise up like the voted out survivors and make a statement at the ballot boxes to get rid of the politicians who are not representing "we the people."