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Poor Man's CNC Router Table
    I just got done making a router table which I am planning on using mainly to cut foam.  I am thinking it will make nice plaques to use as patterns.  In other words, I would just make blanks and cast them and then fill in the lettering for each plaque when I was ready to cast it.

    I have on occasion looked at CNC plans but never really studied them so this design is just a seat of the pants design.  Reading the Gingery books helped me with the design.
I used shelving left over from a closet project I did a while ago.
This is the base
Installing angle aluminum for the guides
Counter sunk
One axis done
Bottom of shelving with bracket which holds lead screw nut.  I used 3/8 threaded rod.
Both axis done with one  guide plate
OK here is the casting part.  These are the plates to hold my router.
These are the knobs to turn the lead screws.  Coated in drywall mud
As cast
Lead screws installed.
Router installed.
Finished machine
Conclusions:  It works!  However, it will take a lot of practice to make curves well.  Straight lines and 45 degrees are easy though.

       I need to figure out what I need to do to put motors onto the lead screws to have a real 3 axis machine.
Here is a necklace that I made using lost foam and pewter for my daughter.  They were having a 70's day at school.  It looks better than the picture shows.  I tried to leave a rough background but it got a little rougher than intended.
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