E-Zine  October 30, 2009
Backyard Foundry

This Elephant is another lost foam project.  My neighbor gave me a lot of plumbing fittings and asked me to make him an elephant in return! 

Remember to be safe in all you do and don't blame me if you hurt yourself!

Here Is the foam insulation board I used.  I glued 5 pieces together and made a rough drawing.

Here it is sand blasted
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Here is a video of me pouring lost foam!

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Here it is in the sand ready for pouring.  This pour didn't work...I think it was a short pour if I remember right...so the next pictures are from another pour.
Then sanded it a bit with my grinder and covered with increllac
then, I rough cut, and rounded it, and glued on a trunk and tusks.

Then, I added a base, pour reservoir with painter's tape around it, covered it with drywall mud.  And added the sprue.

Then I painted it with glossy "Rust-oleum" paint