Backyard Foundry E-Zine: PIRATE KEYS! 
Posted 10-09-12
My favorite grandson is turning 2 and having a pirate I made him some pirate keys...I am a locksmith by trade by the way.  I would have made them out of brass, but the Mrs' was afraid they would be too heavy for his little toes.  I took two short dowel rods and rammed them up in the drag.  (See first picture) Then, I turned it upright and coped down half way.  Then I dusted the drag and rammed the cope.  I pulled the flask apart and free handed the bow, bit and runners and sprue.  I carved the crossed bones into it too.  They didn't come out perfectly, but it is fine for this little project.  Can you believe I did something other than lost foam!!

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Next is one of the keys finished

Well, that was a fun little project.

  I put my burner into a larger tube and lit it with kerosene.  Here is a video of that.  It is only the raw video, I will edit it and post that soon!
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Dog Plaque
Other one finished
Here are both of them
This picture is of the keys as key cut off already.
Next, I made a foam pattern to cast the key ring from brass.  Here is the pattern.
and here it is as poured.  As you can see, it didn't fill I just made it smaller.  next time, I may just use a rod as a pattern in the flask to make the ring too.
Here it is done with the keys on it
Here is the final result with one of my favorite little pirates!