Backyard Foundry E-Zine: Duckie cast in Brass
      Posted 12-26-2009

I did this duck as an investment casting.  I used a rubber Duckie from the toy store.  I glued it to the bottom of a milk carton and poured the investment over it...then burned out the rubber and poured it.  I found that the best way to pour this was to pour it open faced.  Yes, it did shrink some on the bottom, but that is OK because it is on the bottom!  My wife comissioned me to make this for a friend who has a rubber duckie collection.

    On some of the ducks I made, I made a silicon mold of the duck and poured wax into it to make the pattern.  That way, I have a pattern that I can easily make again.  The duck I am showing on this page was made with one of these wax patterns.
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Lost Foam Cast in Brass
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       Here it is in it's natural habitat!
I left it a rough finish...I think the texture makes it look antique.
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Video of Lost Foam pour
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Dog Plaque made using lost foam casting process
Dog Plaque
Lost Foam Cast in Brass
investment cast duck from rubber duckie
brass duck on tub
rubber duck cast in brass  as poured
Here it is as poured
brass casting of rubber duckie
  Here is the silicon mold
I used a juice bottle for the flask.
platinum silicon mold
  Here are some investments burned out
The "tin" can is a great way to do a wax investment.  Leave the lid on one end...pour a little wax in and sit your wax pattern into the wax.  Then pour your investment over it and when set up, take a can opener and cut off the other end of the can. (the one in the can is NOT the duck by the way!)
burned out in tin metal can
investment burned out in pottery kiln
Elephant cast in brass using lost foam process
Lost Foam Cast in Brass
Here is a Plaque that I did using lost foam...I didn't take pictures of the whole process this time though.
Hope you like itMr lakey!
Hope you Like it Mr Lakey!
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