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I am ready for massive action!
If you want to see my plastic injection molding machine, scroll down the whole way.
Fish: Lost Foam Casting
Cannon Project.  Lost Foam casting
Dog Sled Casting. Another Lost Foam
Lock Repair And Misc.
Boat plaque
Casting Riddle
Good luck!
This is my pattern imbedded in a mixture of sand, fireclay and plaster.  I am planning to pour aluminum over this, remove the plaster mix and then pour the other side of the pattern.  I'll let you know how it turns out!
Here are the two halves of the pattern.  I had trouble with moisture in the plaster so I recast it in greensand only.  Then I cast the second half on the first casting.  The second casting turned out much better I believe because the pattern was still warm.  The patterns will not give a very good final piece, but will let me at least try out my injecting soon as it is ready to go.
Sprue hole
Sprue hole  from top side
Machine set up
Fill hole
Lathe project
From here on down, is not related to metal casting very much...It is my efforts in setting up a plastic injecting machine and making a pattern for the machine.
blub, blub!
Iditarod, here we come!
a real job
sailing, take me away...
Guess what this machine is?
For pewter casting
David Gingery lathe
This is the final machine set up with the heater band and controller installed.  If you would like to see more on this, click here.
Sailboat in bronze
third star to the right and on till morning!
lost wax dog head
wall safe
You can take that to the bank!  not!
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dog sled flop
bad indeed
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house sign
lost foam
Large fish
Fish school
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